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Low inventory means higher prices? Right?

In little old Sioux City IA the number of homes for sale is down, way down. Currently numbers are running less than half of what would be considered a typical / normal market for the area. The odd thing is that one would expect home prices to be jumping, but not the case. What's the proof you might ask? First - the average sale price has only gone up .98% in the past year Second - Homes can still be found that have listed for sale multiple times with the same agent or with tow or more agents. Third - In a market that is moving up quickly most real estate agents will tell you that good appraisels can be hard to get, usually comps are hard to find to support these upward moving sale prices. That not the case here. So what to do? I will leave it at that - If you are a home owner in the Siouxland area call me lets talk. If you are another agent reading this - share your opinion - Love to hear for you!

Published Monday, March 31, 2014 3:26 PM by Lonnie Hohl
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